5th Avenue Condominiums

5th Avenue Condominiums

5th Avenue Condominiums Four Queen Anne Hill townhomes are arranged in two structures. As the consulting design architect, we designed the interior finishes, exterior facades and other site elements. The exterior design harmonizes with the adjacent single family home and other surrounding neighborhood structures. The two structures flank a European style courtyard that overlooks downtown […]

Stein Residence

Stein House Remodel This growing family needed more room than was available in their aging Seattle classic house. They loved their neighborhood and their house, so they decided to add a third floor to their home for their children’s rooms. The challenge was to remain faithful to the style of the house and neighborhood. Features […]

Carlson Vacation Residence

Carlson Vacation Residence Built on the south shore of Lake Wenatchee, this new vacation home provides a comfortable retreat for a family of four. The setting is a steep wooded hillside bordering the lake. The interior spaces of this tradition style vacation house are arranged around a centrally located, two story high, Great Room space. […]

Tiffen Residence

Tiffin Residence This project’s primary design goal was to add a 3 stop elevator to the owner’s house situated on a steep hillside.  The new elevator connects the bottom floor level garage to the main living area on the third floor.  The elevator is housed in the 3 story addition wing to the north which […]