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Jacobson residence

Located in the Palouse, near Moscow, Idaho, this 6000 square foot home provides a sense of openness and freedom that complements its environment of rolling wheat fields and expansive views.

View of the Jacobson residence, overlooking wheat fields of the Palouse country

The design of this home was in response to the owners' appreciation for clean lines and simple geometric forms as found in Scandinavian designs.

View of the front of the residence

The house is organized around a tall, central corridor which serves as an art gallery and provides access to the central living and dining areas. This corridor also connects the two wings of the house, the west wing which contains the home office and bedrooms and the east wing which houses the pool, garage and utility areas.

Central corridor, showing art displays

The main corridor walls serve as art display surfaces, and also contain doorways and openings which allow natural light to flow deeply into the interior spaces from clerestory windows in the roof trusses above.

View of living room with built in display space. Light from the clerestory windows can be seen streaming into the room.

Holding to an extremely tight construction budget, the entire roof structure was built with wood trusses. This photo shows the creative use of clerestory windows located between the triangular trusses allowing daylight to access deep into the interior through long, narrow "light channels" extending the full width of the rooms inside.

View of the home from the back side, showing clerestory windows that bring light deep into the interior spaces.
Click on this image to see a larger version.

The 60-foot lap pool is decorated with a neon art sculpture. The pool room's glass wall, doorways and clerestory windows create a moving play of light.

Lap pool showing neon sculpture reflected in the pool

The "H" shaped plan allows the home to be well organized into public and private zones. The pool wing is angled outward to broaden the view from the living and dining rooms.

Small image of the floor plan. Click on this image to see a larger version of the floor plan.
Click on this image to see a larger version.

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