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Project Designer

Photo of Project Designer Mery Velastegui.Mery Velastegui received her formal education in design and architecture in her native Ecuador and in Barcelona, Spain. She has 20 years experience working on single family and multi-family projects of many different styles and in many types of locations.

Her experience includes working both as a designer and a manager/contractor for private and public clients with special emphasis on traditional and sustainable construction methods.

Mery is an artistic team member with an optimistic life attitude that brings energy into client-designer relationships. She intuitively identifies with the emotional experience of those who will be using the spaces we design. She takes pride in creating living and working spaces that not only function well but also are pleasantly scaled and comfortable.

In addition to her design work for Lathrop Douglass Architects, Mery served for several years on the Design Review Board for the city of Redmond, Washington.

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