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Edelstein residence

This major remodel and expansion to a 1940's house on a steep lot overlooking Lake Washington is couched in intimate hillside gardens from which the distinctive rooflines spring upward and outward celebrating the new curved floor plan, the broad vistas beyond, and the owner's lively spirit.

Photo of Edelstein residence showing distinctivecurved rooflines

Multiple design concepts were explored for this project. This drawing represents the design solution that won the hearts of the owners. The multiple room functions inside the house are reflected on the exterior creating an articulated, "village like" building form.

Drawing of Edelstein residence showing distinctive

The new main entry into the house now opens into this new south facing sunroom which in turn flows into the other light-filled living areas. The original exterior brick wall has now become an interior design feature.

Photo of the interior of the sun room

View of the living room. The tight interior spaces were opened up and organized around a new centrally located, curved wall which inspired the design of the multiple curved roofs and stair railing details.

The curved ceiling allows daylight to be reflected into the interior spaces by way of the clerestory windows located high up on the curved wall behind the fire place wall. Light then flows into the living room area through the large wall openings that surround the fireplace.

View of the living room, showing curved ceiling and fireplace

This is a view from the Living Room into the Dining Room looking through a new wall cut-out. Where practical we created new wall openings in order to "borrow" day light and bring it further into the interior of the house. These openings also provide interesting "layers" of views to the adjacent spaces beyond.

Photo of the dining room, as seen from the living room

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